Simplifying the Business of Tax

As business people know, all transactions, investments, and relationships with staff and investors involve tax.  How these events are planned and executed has a significant impact on the tax consequences of them.  Proactive planning and management makes good business sense.

For nearly 20 years Jane Innes has been advising businesses and the individuals and entities establishing them, investing in them and working for them on the tax challenges they face.

With extensive experience from working with a Big 4 accountancy firm as well as national and international law firms, Jane Innes has a flexible and commercial approach. Through building a partnership with your business and your advisers, Jane works to ensure that you achieve your commercial goals in a smooth, tax efficient manner.

Straightforward Practical Approach

Jane engages with businesses, providing a fully integrated tax service designed to optimise tax efficient outcomes by:

  • Identifying short and long-term commercial objectives
  • Defining paths around potential hurdles to realise commercial goals
  • Assisting in achieving goals with the aim of minimising tax payable
  • Collaborating with law firms to ensure that their advice to clients is tax efficient
  • Working with accountancy practices to assist with the documentation and legal aspects of tax planning arrangements.

To find out how Jane Innes can work with your business, get in touch

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