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Businesses and their Stakeholders


Businesses and their Stakeholders

Tax is an unavoidable consideration in all commercial decisions a business takes.  Whether the objective is minimising tax, ensuring it is paid by the right person at the right time, or simply a matter of clarification and communication, Jane can assist in you in understanding and planning your tax position.

Jane understands the issues that arise not just for your business, but for your shareholders, investors, directors and employees.  She is therefore able to assist in balancing any conflicting objectives you may encounter.

Jane provides assistance in:

  • Preparing your business for sale to maximise returns for shareholders and management teams
  • Ensuring fundraising is tax efficient
  • Planning cross border arrangements
  • Planning how to incentivise your senior team and staff including the use of tax efficient arrangements
  • How to acquire and hold property interests
  • How to maximise tax deductions from your staff incentive arrangements and trading activities (including research and development credits)
  • VAT and stamp tax issues

Jane has also developed extensive relationships with lawyers, with other non-tax specialities and with other business advisers.  She is very happy to take time to get to know you introduce you to appropriate individuals who will suit your personality and needs, both financial and practical.

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